Modern Pig Production

Idavang is the biggest pig producer in Lithuania and is the 17th largest in the Russian market. Idavang runs a modern and highly professional pig production, which has gone through an impressive growth since the beginning in 1998. In 2011, IFC – the World Bank – has bought an equity stake of 20 % to ensure expansion in Russia. 

Our Culture

The company culture of Idavang is deeply embedded in entrepreneurial values. A constant and on-going drive to do better, to aim higher, to set new standards is everyday speak within the entire Idavang organsation. 

Business partners

Our business success builds on a thorough knowledge of the field we operate in, however, it also builds on strong and solid relations to a number of business contacts. We co-operate with e.g. the Danish state, IØ, and the World Bank (IFC).


As a modern swine breeding company environmental issues are top priorities for us. Both when it comes to future investments and day-to-day handling. We constantly aim to set new standards when it comes to taking care of the environment – and our closed lagoones are perfect examples of this.